Today is National Running Day?? Why Wasn’t I Told?!?

My God, I nearly missed it entirely. How shameful for a running blog to miss the one day of the year specifically devoted to running. Because today is, as I’m sure no one is aware, National Running Day!

At first (when I discovered today’s significance accidentally on the Runner’s World website about ten minutes ago), I was excited because I thought it was kind of like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, where people show their appreciation for their old folks’ hard work. It’s time someone started appreciating my running- it’s hard work, too. But then I realized it’s not a day for runners at all, but rather for non-runners to consider taking up running. Which is why most runners, like I was until about ten minutes ago, are blissfully unaware of its existence.

National Running Day is about raising running awareness, understanding the benefits of running, and blah, blah, blah. Since most of my posts are targeted toward the running crowd, it is somewhat unnecessary to discuss this. I don’t need to convince runners that running is good.

So as it turns out, National Running Day is not a day for runners at all. Which is why I propose a National Runner’s Day, which is based more along the lines of Mother’s or Father’s Day. All runners will be celebrated and receive presents such as a new pair of running shoes or other (expensive) running attire. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to catch on anytime soon, so in the meantime we’re stuck with the lame ol’ National Running Day.


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