My Very Own Pair of the Vibram Five Fingers! Oh Boy!

I got them! The most ridiculous-looking running shoes ever invented are now mine!

It may seem strange that I’m so ecstatic about receiving something that will make me a laughingstock of the running (and non-running) community. And normally, I would not be happy at all in such a case. But this is special. This is the Vibram Five Fingers.

The 'glove shoe,' in all its glory. As an aside, you may notice that my tan line has not yet adjusted to the Five Fingers yet.

I have wanted these shoes since they’ve come out, and nothing anybody says could change my mind about them. Apparently, I made it well known that I wanted these, because my family knew to get them for me for my birthday (thanks!). Or maybe they just read my post “I shall henceforth be known as… ‘Lizard Man’!” I wrote that back when the Vibram Five Fingers were still just a vague dream…

Apparently, barefoot running has some physiological benefits. The running motion padded running shoes forces us to use is not as natural as a barefoot stride. Vibram Five Fingers take running back to the basics. Of course, that’s not why I wanted them. I wanted them because they looked awesome.

They say to work yourself slowly into these shoes, especially if you have flat feet, like I do. So I did a very short, easy run my first time out on them. Then I decided to be stupid and ignore all the sensible advice given to me, and ran 3.5 miles at a decent clip my next time on them. Let me say one thing: they were not kidding about working into these shoes. My calves are shot. But, of course, that won’t stop me from doing it again.

It’s a very different type of running in the Vibram Five Fingers; it turns my regular stride into more of a sprinting stride. Also, the way I have to watch every step carefully lest I land on some glass reminds me of trail running, were a wrong step may careen me off the side of a mountain (I may be exaggerating a tad). And anything that reminds me of trail running is awesome in my book.

I’ve only had two runs on the Five Fingers, so I can’t give a full review of them yet. My calves may hurt, but that’s not a fault of the shoes; it’s my own stupidity that is at fault there. But forgetting the pain for a moment, I know already that I’m going to love them.


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