87 degrees – 10 degrees = 1 Good Run

I cannot over-emphasize the difference 10 degrees makes.

No, I am not talking about global warming, though a 10 degree increase in global temperatures would certainly be catastrophic. I am referring to the difference 10 degrees makes for a long run.

For the past few weeks, my long Sunday runs have been on 85 degree or higher days, with sticky humidity making the runs just short of miserable. My sweat would start pouring out before I could finish a single mile, and halfway through I’d be dehydrated and exhausted.

But today was different. And that difference was a “mere” 10 degrees. Today the temperature was 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Last week it was 87 degrees. The humidity was the same as last week, and I was possibly even more tired on today’s run than last Sunday’s. But today’s run felt amazing. I felt stronger, and barely needed to finish one water bottle. My sweating started just past mile 2. I ran my goal pace for the run easily, even with a pulled calf (which is due to my new Vibram Five Fingers; they’re still awesome, though).

All in all, it was a good run. Much better than my past few long runs in the heat have been. And now I’m getting excited for the winter: if this is how well I run with a 10 degree difference, think of what I can be doing when it is 60 degrees cooler outside!


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