I’m Back! Cheer for Joy!

It’s been too long since I’ve posted. I’d apologize to all my dedicated readers, but I don’t think I have any.


Well, my life has been busy these past few weeks, and while I’ve kept up with the running, I just haven’t had the time to talk about recent developments. And there have indeed been developments. Unfortunately, most are not of the good variety.

The first major development is an injury. It occurred around the time I started out the Vibram Five Fingers, but I’m not pointing any fingers (pun intended). That knee was giving me trouble well before I started with them, so if anything it just hastened the inevitable injury. Also, it really started hurting after a race, so it may not have been the shoes at all (and no, I did not race in the Five Fingers).

Of course, I took it nice and easy once I got this injury. Meaning I kept up my regular running schedule as much as I could and didn’t let it interfere with my racing plans. Oh, what’s that? I’m an idiot? Well, you may be right. But I still PR’ed, so I’d like to think it was worth it.

I did eventually let my knee rest and I’m on my way to recovery, only long runs hurt it now. But I’ve kept off the Five Fingers as a precaution, because even if they didn’t cause the injury, they definitely would irritate it considering how hard they are on the joints.

I promised you developments, in the plural, and so far I have only complained about my knee injury. I don’t have too many more personal running developments, but in the running world at large I’m sure there have been many. The one that comes to mind is Tyson Gay beating out Usain Bolt in the 100 meters in early August. Sure, Bolt wasn’t in top form, but impressive for Gay nonetheless. In other somewhat-running-related news, the U.S. Open has been going on for the past few days (it’s a stretch, I know, but there is some running). There have been some great matches so far, and the Watch Live function on the U.S. Open website is great.

I realize now that I alluded to multiple bad running developments earlier, but there really aren’t any besides my injury. It sounds interesting though, so I’ll leave it there, even though it’s bad journalism.

Also bad journalism is discussing journalistic errors in the same piece…


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