Strange Runs

Strange things seem to happen to me on runs.

Take today, for example. There I am, running along past some stables, when I approach a young girl and a man I assume to be her father. As I approach, they both begin to run in my direction.

A joke, perhaps, to run like the runner? I thought so at first, but neither of them were cracking a smile. Maybe they were just rushing? But no, I looked behind after I passed them and they had immediately slowed to a walk.

Maybe they were just rushing to get out of my way, but there looked to be quite enough room for all of us.

Either way, it was quite strange.

And that’s not the first time I’ve had people accompany me on a run. A few months ago, I ran past a group of teenagers who were just hanging out. Apparently a couple of them thought it would be good fun to run with the runner for a few minutes, with intentions not entirely clear to me. Maybe they were on the track team and were challenging me to race them or something. Who knows with those young hooligans today.

But anyway, after a minute or so of running with me, they bid their goodbyes, I flashed them a thumbs up, and we parted.

And then there was that time I was running next to a rather busy road when I hear someone repeatedly honk me from behind. I look into the car only to see a person I do not recognize in the slightest. He waves to me with a big smile on his face, clearly expecting me to recognize him. I am fairly confident we have never met.

I’ve had people honk me for no apparent reason (one such honk gave me a bad sprained ankle, check out The Race That Just Was Not Meant to Be for more on that story), but this didn’t seem like that. Maybe this guy was just very over-friendly to runners.

But honks aren’t the worst I’ve experienced on runs. I’d have to say the strangest thing that has ever happened to me on a run was being barked at. Twice. By a human.

Yup, some guy drove by and found it amusing to bark, literally bark, at a random runner. And then, I kid you not, he turned around to do it again.

Some people need to find hobbies.


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