Reasons NOT to kick large rocks during runs

1. It hurts like hell.

2. It’s really, really stupid.

Do you really need any more?

In fact, you probably didn’t even need any. But apparently I did. Because tonight, on a nice 5.5 mile run, I decided to be a good Samaritan and kick a piece of concrete off a path I was running on. I do this occasionally, because I always get images in my head of bikers flipping over the rock or old ladies with walkers tripping and dying if I leave the rock in its place.

But this rock was no pebble. It was a sizable chunk of concrete, and I’m surprised it even moved when I kicked it. It hurt quite a bit, but thanks to the cold it was numb for most of my run. I just got home, and I can practically see the toe (it was the big toe) swelling up as I type. Ouch.

Well, despite my utter stupidity, I did have a great run in the end. I had planned a 4.5 mile but ended up adding a mile because I felt great. Of course, if I hadn’t done that, I would have missed the area where I kicked the rock, so in retrospect it might not have been my best move…


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