Snow Run, No Fun!

Shorts were a bad idea. As was stepping outside my door.

As you know if you live most anywhere in northeastern United States, there has been a  blizzard. Not the worst I’ve seen, but enough to make running quite difficult. And running in shorts quite uncomfortable.

Interestingly, my legs were not actually all that cold; I wasn’t particularly cold at all the entire run. But I was not happy. Much of the sidewalks on my run were not shoveled and those that were often ended abruptly at a gigantic pile of snow. This really bothers me: if you’re going to shovel your walk, and you happen to live on a corner, please shovel a path to the street. Otherwise you’re creating a dead end, forcing people to clamber over snow.

And while most people don’t have us runners in mind while shoveling, it’s extremely frustrating to be running only to have to stop at every corner to literally climb over snow piles taller than the runner. I’m ranting, I know, but it did bother me quite a bit on my run.

I also received an interesting comment as I ran around some guy in his driveway, barreling through the snow in my shorts: “You’re like f***ing Rocky, man!”

I took it in stride mainly because if I stopped the snow would seep even further into my already soaked socks.


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