Stupid Run=Awesome Run!

It looked so miserable outside today that I nearly went to the gym to run on a treadmill (mine is broken). The idea of running through rain and slush just did not appeal to me for some reason. But I eventually decided to go for it; it wasn’t too chilly out and I wouldn’t be running that long.

Here’s how the run went:

Mile .01 (sidewalk in front of house): “Whoa, that’s one big puddle. Damn, my socks got wet. Well, it can’t all be this bad.”

Mile .3: “Hmm, I’m almost at the point where my clothes cannot physically absorb any more water. I suppose it can only get better from here.”

Mile 1 (running consistently through over-the-ankle puddles): “Ha ha! This is so stupid, it’s fun!”

Miles 1-4: “And to think I almost didn’t go on this run! This is freakin’ awesome!!”

Awesome it was. Now I just hope I don’t die of pneumonia from all that awesomeness.


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