Water Bottle Stalactite

I went for a nice 10 mile run today- nice and slow, because of the snow and ice on the ground and the fact that with wind-chill it was about 10 degrees outside.

As a side note, I pondered the coincidence that I was running the number of degrees it felt like outside (or really half the actual temperature without wind-chill, 20 degrees), and that maybe I should try to do that again this winter; then I reconsidered- that would not be fun on a 40 degree day.

When I came back from my long run I glanced at my water bottle, and while the water inside had not frozen (I shook it periodically to prevent that), there was a ridge of ice along the hand strap that I managed to not see forming during the run.

Here’s a picture:

The ice is on the right side of the strap.

What’s impressive is that it was cold enough to freeze the water as it dripped out of the bottle. Which reminds me, I need a new bottle; this one leaks.


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