Great Race

I just raced one of the best races of my life this Sunday. And I didn’t even train for it.

The race was the Prospect Park 10 miler, three loops of Prospect Park you could either do as a relay or alone. I did it alone.  My realistic goal was to break 1:15; my ideal goal was to break 1:10. I honestly did not think I could run sub-7 for 10 miles without training, so I just decided to give it my best, whatever the result.

The strategy worked well- I finished in 1:09 exactly.

I started too fast, as usual, with my first mile in under 6:30. By the second loop the hills and the wind started to hit me, and I slowed down considerably. By the third loop of the park I realized I could realistically break 1:10 and adrenaline pushed me to the finish (and a girl I really didn’t want to let sprint past me at the end).

It was a hard race, but rewarding. I had a great feeling of satisfaction that is still lingering- the feeling that I did something the absolute best that I could (untrained, that is). And, as an added bonus, I came in first in my age group.


3 comments on “Great Race

  1. ringrunner says:

    You became a little famous. Thanks for blogging about the Cherry Tree.

  2. florb63 says:

    This was actually my third or fourth time doing a Prospect Park race, they’re a lot of fun. The Turkey Trot is a family tradition already.

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