Running and Exploring

I got lost in my own backyard last week. Okay, not literally, but pretty close to it. I went for a five mile run that included an out-and-back on a short trail by a nearby lake. On the way back, I decided to explore a little, and discovered a whole network of trails I never knew existed- and this is about a mile and a half from my house, mind you. It was in a fairly small area, but there must have been a dozen trails. Most weren’t well-maintained, and it didn’t require a large leap of imagination to see some of the locations as prime serial-killer real estate, but it was actually beautiful. And I even got a little lost, which was easy because of the large number of short, winding trails with no markers.

The nicest part about it was knowing that this was so close to my home, and yet it looked so drastically different. I even saw a bit of wildlife- if you count a chipmunk and a bright orange bird as wildlife, that is. There were also campers, which is extremely unusual for that area. Unless those were the serial killers I mentioned earlier…

It would have been more pleasant if I had taken water, though, it was humid and in the 80’s. But it was the first time in a while that I used running as a real means of exploration, with no map or planning of a route, and it was a lot of fun.


One comment on “Running and Exploring

  1. Patti Ross says:

    How fun to discover such a new fun place so close to home. I do count birds and chipmunks as wildlife–I take what I can get. Thanks for posting–and visitng my site earlier. I am not a runner, but I like your honest review, so will be checking back to hear of your adventures.

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