Runner of the Flies

It was great run, overall. Until about the last mile. When the flies came out. I don’t know where they came from or why they suddenly came out in the middle of the day, but they did, in swarms.

When I got home from my long run earlier today,  I looked in the mirror and became slightly nauseated. No, it was not because of my sweaty post-run look, though that wasn’t pretty either. It was due to the large number of flies  that managed to cling to my face and neck despite all my attempts to wipe them away. I counted at least 10 that I pulled off myself, not including at least another 10 that I wiped off during the run.

But when I thought about it afterwards, I immediately decided I would do it all again. Running involves its risks and its disgusting aspects, and we must embrace them all. But, if I did do it again, I think I would change up the last mile or so.