Bike vs. Run

This is not a post about which is better- biking or running. For many athletes, it’s a close call. Instead, this is a quick post about something I did this morning, something rather stupid.

I raced a bike for 4 miles. Not surprisingly, I lost. Badly. The rider went slowly for me, it was clear, and yet with her effortless leg strokes I was churning my legs pretty darn fast to even stay close. That was the most agonizing part; if only she looked like she was putting even a tiny bit of effort into it, maybe break out into a sweat, I would have felt like I accomplished something. But no, she zoomed on in front of me with the slightest of ease.

Of course, today was supposed to be a recovery run. The day you find that motivation and inner strength to run your fastest always tends to be a recovery day, it seems. But if I had a fast run scheduled for today, or a tempo, maybe chasing a bike would have been a good idea. If you have a friend looking to go on a painfully slow bike ride, then I would recommend he pace you for a fast run. Make sure it’s a good friend who won’t leave you in the dust, though, because when you lose sight of the rider you lose your motivation too. That’s what happened to me today when my rider left me for the last mile- and I slowed down considerably.

Overall, it was a fun experience. But the conversation was completely one sided; when I responded in gasps and grunts to the biker, the biker caught on quickly that I wouldn’t be great company for a nice meaningful conversation. So if you have a friend not only willing to ride slowly but to talk to themselves for half an hour- first of all, count your blessings- and then go on a fun bike-chasing run.