Night Runs

I’ve spoken of rain runs and the mysterious energy I seem to derive from the rain. Well, rain isn’t the only element that does that for me. Though I’m not sure darkness really qualifies as an element…

I am not a morning person. Many people have this attitude, but for runners it is somewhat important to overcome. Most runners you speak to will insist that there’s simply no way they could run at night, they have too little energy, need to relax after a long day at work, etc. I would like to say I disagree with all those arguments, but to be honest, the only reason I discovered the beauty of night running was through laziness.

There is no particularly good reason why I don’t run in the mornings (Sundays and race days being the exceptions); I just don’t have it in me to wake up even earlier to go for a run when I know that the night and its running offerings lies on the other side of the day. Admittedly, it’s hard to go out for a run after a long hard day; you’re tired, hungry, and want to just relax for the rest of the night. But personally, sometime I feel it’s just as hard if not harder to get up early and do the same thing. The occasional early morning run is nice; especially in the summer, when it’s still cool. But every day of the week? It would just make me more tired during the day. Sure, it would energize me for the morning, but then I would crash. With night running, you have the window to crash- for a good 8 hours or so.

Another added plus for night runs is the solidarity. I’ve never met another runner at 11 at night, and I rarely see other people at all. Sometimes it’s nice to see other runners; for long runs it can give you a boost. But other times it’s nice to just be alone with your thoughts with absolutely no distractions. The other night, a warm night with a cool breeze, I decided to go for a late night run outside. I went shirtless, to feel the wind on my body (and to save my best running shirt for the next day). I have rarely felt so at peace. And man, did I run fast.

Everybody is different: some people don’t have the energy to run late, some prefer midday, or early morning. For me, it depends on the day. But I think everyone would appreciate a nice peaceful night run every now and then. It takes your running soul back to its core.